Creating Links to Specific Photo Factory Pages

So let's say for a second that you're running a promotion on 20x30 Wrapped Canvases, 20% off for everybody!  You've created your promotion ( or have you?  need some help?), you've made some marketing materials for your store and you've created a rotating banner for your website.  You're all ready to go until you realize you have no idea how to link to that specific product... gasp!  That's kind of important because a good link is essential for not only your web banners, but also for your social media and eblast campaigns as well as just adding a link here or there on your website.  Well worry no more, this is actually a very easy task that will take you no time at all to accomplish.

Anyway... enough of my jibber jabbering, we came here to talk about creating a link to 20x30 Wrapped Canvases so let's get to it!

The first step is to get to your wrapped canvas sub-category inside you Photo Factory,  see the page on our demo store.

Select the specs that apply to your promotion, in this case we're looking at "Sizes in Inch" of 20x30.   Here's a link to the result of my search

Copy the link found in your address bar and use it!  You're done!  Here's the link I generated :

Do you find your link is too long (as in it flows off the side of the page...)? You can shorten it with the  Google URL Shortner. You will want to use this when posting to Twitter as your tweet length is limited or use it to post to Facebook as a short link is visually more attractive than that long link I created above, here's my shortened url:

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