Photo Printng 05) Setting Print Weight

In this article, we show you how to setup photo print weight for shipping.

The first step is to open the photo tab of your MyDakis account.
Next, under the photo prints heading, click on print formats to open the available print formats page.


Once on the available print formats page, you can edit the weight of the entire print format group by clicking on the weight tab.

Once the tab is expanded, you can enter the weight of your choice. Click the save button to apply your changes.

You can also edit the weight for individual print sizes by clicking on the edit button associated with the size you want to edit.

Once on the edit print format page, scroll down to the weight section of the page.

If you want to enter a different weight than the general weight, check the use specific weight box.


You will then be able to enter the weight of your choice. Once this is done, scroll down and click the save button.

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