Marketing Your Photo Books

When somebody is looking for a way to capture the emotions and importance of a life changing event, an "out of this world vacation" or a family heirloom nothing beats a photo book!  It's an elegant and luxurious item that will last years and could very well be passed on from generation to generation.  A gift with so much potential deserves special treatment, let dakis help you out!  Here are some tips and tricks to help you sell more photo books!

Steps to Adding Photo Books

If you want to start adding Photo Books to your online inventory of photo products you will need to publish and price them.

  • To learn how to publish photo factory templates click here.
  • To learn how to price individual photo books click here.

If you have signed up to ColorCentric you can skip this part.  Books will be automatically published and priced!

Build a Webpage

If you want to push a particular product it's never a bad a idea to create a specific page.  In this case you can encourage a potential to purchase a photo book by making it more appetizing and easy to find.  One of the many benefits of the dakis system is that you can create links to specific categories ( click here), sub-categories (or click here) and even specific products (I dare you to click here).

Add Banners to your Home Page

Add banners to your own website, dakis users who have a website with us can consult this article to find out how!

Add Banners to Your Kiosks

Follow these instructions to learn how to change your rotating kiosk banners.

You can also change out the banners on the gifting portion of your kiosk, to do this you must contact (or just click here) and request for them to change out the image.

Make sure that your photo books have been activated before you send this request out.

Send Out A Newsletter

A quick eBlast to your customers will provide you with some visibility with customers who are already familiar with who your are, you have nothing to lose by reaching out to them!

Create a Social Media Campaign

You've worked hard to collect likes and follows from all over the web, put them to good use, get the word out!  Create some social media assets and spread the word.  Need some help?  Simply follow these steps

Don't forget to add a link back to your website! SUPER IMPORTANT!!  Need some help creating a link? Find out how!  Click here!

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