Create a Succesful Baby Shower Invitation Campaign

Little bundles of joy are born all year round! This translates into a great opportunity for you to generate extra revenue!  Luckily for you, as a dakis online photo solution and/or photo kiosk user you can take advantage of our Baby Shower Invitation Marketing Materials to make the most of the special event.


To make sure you take full advantage of the marketing materials we are providing you with some tips and tricks. The first thing to do is to activate the new templates in your mydakis account.

Want to see the new templates?  Click here to check them out on our demo site!
Are you looking for the marketing materials?  Click here to download from your MyDakis account!
or  login to your MyDakis account and follow these steps.

The Marketing Materials are reserved for dakis Online Photo Solution and/or kiosk users only, if you wish to sign up for these services contact today!

Steps to adding Baby Shower Cards

Log into your account and navigate to the Photo Factory tab. Find your 'Cards' category. (Note that this is the default category name, you may have renamed it in your account.) The new cards are in the AVAIL column and you can import them by clicking on the red number at the intersection of the Cards / Invitations row & Avail. column. 

At this stage you will want to import all the Baby Shower Cards that are available to you, this is very simple!  All you need to do is to click on IMPORT ALL for the Invitations sub-category of Cards

Once you've imported the Baby Shower Invitation Cards you will then need to publish them to make them appear in your Online Photo Solution. Click on the number at the intersection of Cards row & UNPUB.. column.  Once you've done this you can select the Baby Shower tag to isolate the targeted cards, then publish them to your website.

If you have never offered cards before or notice the cards are not priced when they are on your website / kiosk, you may need to go to your mass pricing and price the cards.
See mass pricing in photo factory.

Build a Webpage

It's never a bad idea to create a webpage to appeal to a target audience, if you already have a dakis website you're in luck!  All you need to do is email (or just click here) and ask them to create the page for you, here's a preview:

Make sure that your Baby Shower Invitations have been activated before you send this request out.

If you do not have a dakis website simply download the Marketing Materials.  We've included all the files that you will need to create your own page.

Add Banners to your Home Page

Add the provided banners to your own website, dakis users who have a website with us can consult this article to find out how!

Add Banners to Your Kiosks

We've got you covered here too!  Follow these instructions to learn how to change your rotating kiosk banners.

You can also change out the banners on the gifting portion of your kiosk, to do this you must contact (or just click here) and request for them to change out the image.

Make sure that your wedding products have been activated before you send this request out.

Send Out A Newsletter

By using the assets we've included in the Marketing Materials you are able to create a newsletter and send it out to your mailing list.  Take advantage of the supplied PSD file to add your own special touch.

Create a Social Media Campaign

You've worked hard to collect likes and follows from all over the web, put them to good use!  Use the social media assets we've created to promote your freshly published wedding templates, get the word out!.  We've included assets for  Facebook, Twitter, but you can also take advantage of other platforms as well!  Here's a list.

Don't forget to add a link back to your website! SUPER IMPORTANT!!  Need some help creating a link? Find out how!  Click here!

Supersize Your Orders!

This is your opportunity to increase the value of an order!  If you can offer specialty envelopes go ahead and do it!  There's nothing stopping you from offering a "color correction" service right from the product page, it really is an easy way to increase income.   Find our more here!

Disclaimer - Use of the dakis Marketing Material. 

These images are protected by copyright laws. You must be a dakis Photo Factory, dakis Online Photo Solutions and/or dakis kiosk paying customer to use the dakis Marketing Material. You may solely use these marketing assets to promote your dakis services. You may not use these images for any other reasons. You may not create any derivative work with this marketing material. If you are not a dakis paying customer for the services listed above you may NOT use these images for any reasons and by using these images you are breaching copyright laws and are subject to legal actions against you.

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