Setting Fulfillment Rules

This tutorial is intended for those labs who wish to fulfill through a known and trusted source that the retailer has connected with on their own or through a trusted recommendation. Dakis can provide you with a list of fulfillers to cater to your needs, such as Fujifilm, Fujifilm Canada, ColorCentric, American Direct Sales and Photo Create.  For further inquiries regarding fulfillment please contact

Through the Dakis Photo Factory it is possible to connect to an outlab to fulfill orders that you cannot produce in-store, accomplishing this is a simple task.  Here's the scenario, you are able to produce several kinds of photo products on your own but you cannot produce Photo Books.  Following these simple steps we will set up a retailer to be able to automatically send the book project to a local fulfiller.


You must create a store inside your mydakis account for,  to see how this is done click here. Every store must also have a user, without one you will not be able to supply your fulfiller with a Job Downloader.

Make sure that your new "store" is set to be a production center. If you do not check this box the "store" will show up during the checkout process.


Select the category of gift you want to set your fulfillment rules to.  In this case we're targeting the entire Photo Books category.  Find this category and click "edit"


Now you will need to set the fulfillment rules by assigning the proper fulfiller to the book category.  Click on Fulfillment options, select Dakis Exchange - Multistore and set your rules.

You will only need to set the fulfillment rule for the store that is sending the book order to the outlab.  In this example we've indicated that we want all orders received at Dakis to be fulfilled by Prestige Prints.


You're almost done!  You will have to provide the fulfiller with a Job Downloader as well as with a key.   Click here for an article on how to get the software and the license key.

You are not limited to setting fulfillment rules to categories, you can also set them for sub-categories as well as for individual products, the process for doing so is nearly identical.

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