Promotion Passes - Coupon Codes

A Promotion Pass Coupon is a code the customer must enter in the shopping cart to trigger the promotion(s).  A coupon code can only be used by a single customer.  After the coupon code has been used, that code in no longer valid for the current active promotion.

The first step when creating a coupon promotion pass is to open the promotions tab of your MyDakis account.
 The next step is to click on coupon under the promotion passes heading.                                   

Once on the coupon lists page, click on New to create your new coupon promotion.
When you are on the new coupon list page, fill in the different fields and link the Promotion by checking the appropriate box, if it has already been created.

once this is done, click the create button. You will be redirected to the edit coupon list page.

Under Codes, select if you want to create your own code ( New), have the system generate the code(s) ( Generate), or import a list of codes from an existing spreadsheet ( Import from CSV). When generating codes, you can choose the amount of codes, the length and the prefix.

Remember that for Coupons, codes can only be used once. You will be able to come back here and check if any code have been claimed of not. 
Once you have created the codes, click on Save.
If you created the coupon promotion but did not link it with an associated promotion, you can go back to the item or cart promotion page and create a new promotion. On the new promotion page, you will now have an extra field where you can link the promotion to your coupons.

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