Webstore Quick Setup Guide

In this article, we will show you the basic steps to follow when setting up your webstore for the first time.

First, setup your general settings by following these steps:

Set your shipping modes  

Set your shipping rules

Set your tax rates  

Setup your store

Set your payment methods  

Set your service areas

Set your notification emails

The Next step is to add and configure your products

 Add products to your inventory

 Organize product categories

Make products available

Price products

Clear your MyDakis cache


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How long will it take for my eCommerce Webstore to get setup? 

Once you sign up it should take around 24 to 48 business hours for Dakis to setup your MyDakis portal. If you are building a full website with our eCommerce Webstore integrated you should expect for the job to be completed within the next 30 days as long as you provide your project manager with the requested information, meaning website text and images. You must price and activate your inventory.

I can’t find a product! 

Try unchecking the “Show new only” checkbox, click  here and see step 4. It is also possible that you need to purchase an additional data package, items such as drones and film cameras are not included in the default webstore product bundle. If you are interested in purchasing additional data packages or have questions about the default data you have feel free to contact sales@dakis.com.

I have made changes to my online pricing but the modifications won’t apply, help! 

99% of the time you need to clear your server cache, click  here to find out how. Alternatively, your server cache clears itself automatically 1 hour after your most recent modification.

Who do I contact if I need technical support?

The first thing you should do is consult  help.dakis.com to see if you can resolve the issue through the listed topics. If you still require assistance email support@dakis.com detailing your issue, be sure to include information such as order numbers if possible, screen caps are always appreciated.

What if I want to create custom products? 

You are free to create and sell any product you like using our system. You should start by consulting the WebPIM manual found  here. If you require further assistance contact sales@dakis.com.

Can I create product bundles or product accessory packages? 

If you have signed on to the Advanced Webstore, you have the ability to create product bundles ( click here) or accessory packages (click here). If you would like to sign on the advanced webstore to activate these options please contact sales@dakis.com.

Can I create brand specific and lifecycle pages? 

If you are signed on to the Advanced Webstore you can create any kind of page you like featuring brands such as Canon, Nikon and Panasonic but also pages such as New Arrivals and Clearance. By taging products you can single them out for display on specific themed pages. To see how it’s done click  here, if you are interested in signing on to the advanced webstore contact sales@dakis.com.

Is there a way to boost the performance of my webstore? 

Indeed there is. If you want to supercharge your webstore you should consider our SEO and/or SEM services. These services will help you fine tune your website as well as enable you to target a specific audience based on a handful of variables. For more information you can check out  this page or contact sales@dakis.com to schedule an appointment with our certified SEO and SEM specialist.

I want to see an animation of a generic character churning out dollar signs! 

OK... whatever floats your boat, click  here.

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